Brenda ("Breanda"-Joan,"brebnda"-Alyssa)| 18 | 07/21 | Cancer | INFP | (she/her) | Chinese-American | Speak/write in English! (.2 French from school)

Pottermore Things: Slytherin | Thunderbird | Patronus: Dragon | Wand: Sycamore wood with a Dragon heartstring core 12 |

I like meeting new people and making new mutuals so feel free to talk to me! I don't know how to initiate conversation but if you reply to me I usually take tht as a go ahead!

Bird enthusiast, also very passionate about small animals like bunnies n cats! I also like bread, I dont talk about it much but I do

I tend to forget about responding to Tweets/DMs! I try to respond within a hour but sometimes I just kinda disappear for a couple hours, my DMs are always open though

I am RT heavy, Tweet a lot (during gahca/event reveals or special occasions), or don't tweet at at! Its very sporadic!

I use lots of caps and !!! and capitalize things for emphasis


B-project: 820478822

ENSIF ID: 059852771

JPSIF ID: 600741890

Cocktail Prince: 0409784361

Idolish7: 703983875

Granblue: 11383851

Tsukipara: 319334502

Banyaro: 987654831087

Senbura: 873350906

Fire Emblem Heroes:1617865138

Please tell me if you're adding me on any game, so I know who you are!


Line: Bird_Loaf

Don't follow if u meet the don't follow criteria (homophobic, racist, ship incest,etc.)

I tweet about my life and personal things very often! I'm RT heavy and mention ppl by name!

Some fans are uncomfortable with Shu + Izumi as characters, I tend to tweet a lot about them both occasionally and also RT art of them, if you dislike these two, you can still follow but know that they are Here. I also like Goro Akechi and if you don't like him/will hate on him please don't follow!

I backread very often n will like posts from 10-20 hours ago, let me know if u are uncomfortable with this!! I also like personal posts... very frequently, if this also makes u feel uncomfortable please tell me!

I'll follow back if we have the same interests!

Feel free to reply/talk to me about anything!

I disappear for hours, don't worry bc i'm either reading manga, playing a game, or doing some other obscure thing

I am okay with most ships!! (unless its like, incest) Talk to me abt ur ships! The ones I am most passionate abt (even tho I never talk abt them) include: midoshino, Chiaizu (tbh all Izumi ships), youchika, kotoumi, dazushi, and shuake! There are more but I tend to forget them

Please ask me to tag things and please tell me if I said or did something that was wrong or offensive! Chances are I didn't know and I want to learn from my mistakes!

Feel free to follow whenever! If you're breaking mutuals please sb


"Two words- Perhaps that's all I needed

But I coudn't decide, I kept looking for the right words

One week later, I began to write out that sound- a sound from far, far from now

The cherry blossoms quietly begin to unfurl

Beneath the sun's gentle rays.

When you meet someone, you'll both learn something that'll never disappear

Even when you're apart"

-Sakura Message"